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The Best Lightroom Presets For Photographers (2023) - Lou & Marks Presets

The Best Lightroom Presets For Photographers (2023)

| Sara Lou
These Presets are essential to building your style, creating the consistency your clients will expect, and speeding up your workflow.

Lightroom Presets are an important tool to build your style as a photographer. They create consistent photo edits and define your photography. Presets are essential for portrait, boudoir, wedding, engagement, product, interior and real estate photographers.

Photography Presets are presets used to edit your photos with the use of Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. With Presets you can professionally edit your photos without the years of experience learning how to develop professional editing skills. 

Presets are extremely affordable and help you batch edit your photos. Presets are an amazing tool you should be taking advantage of. These Presets are essential to building your style, creating the consistency your clients will expect, and speeding up your workflow.

1. Creamy Lightroom Presets

The best presets for photographers in 2023 has been natural with a bit more of an edited look. The Creamy Moody Preset Collection has been a go-to for weddings, engagements, portraits, and boudoir for it's creamy skin tones. Creamy Presets will enhance your photos with warm color, creamy skin tones, and faded highlights. These Presets are an absolute must-have and have been loved by all photographers.

Cream Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Creamy Photographer Lightroom Presets

2. Natural Lightroom Presets

Another top photographer editing trend has been the soft and natural look. The Natural Preset Collection will create consistency in your photos without drastically changing the tones or colors of your photos. Natural Presets create dreamy skin tones and subtle warmth making it another favorite for portrait photographers.

Natural Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Natural Photographer Lightroom Presets

3. Honey Lightroom Presets

Creating an overall theme in your photos while maintaining gorgeous skin tones has always been a top editing choice for photographers. The Honey Preset Collection creates gorgeous golden tones while not compromising skin tones. Honey Presets are one of the top collections for wedding and portrait photographers.

Honey Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Honey Photographer Lightroom Presets

4. Colorful Lightroom Presets

Natural looking photo edits with a pop of color is a must-have for all photographers. The Colorful Clean Preset Collection creates bright and clean photo edits with vibrant colors. Photographers love this collection because it's great for, products, weddings, real estate, portraits, and pretty much all photo styles.

Clean Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Clean Photographer Lightroom Presets

5. Muted Lightroom Presets

Photographers are always wanting to evoke mood with their photography. Moody Presets are a great way to enhance the mood of your photos. The Muted Tones Preset Collection creates those moody muted tones with gorgeous skin tones. These Presets a a go-to for portrait & wedding photographers.

Moody Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Moody Photographer Lightroom Presets

6. Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets

Bright & Airy photos always draw so much attention to your subject. These Presets soften skin and keep the photo very natural while creating a bright and airy feel. Portrait Photographers have been loving this collection for it's clean look.

Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Bright & Airy Photographer Lightroom Presets

7. Portra Film Lightroom Presets

The film edit has always been one of the best photography preset for portraits & weddings. The Portra Lightroom Preset Collection recreates the amazing skin tones Kodak Portra is famous for. These Presets are a top pick for weddings, engagements, portraits, and family sessions. 

Film Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Film Photographer Lightroom Presets

8. Everyday Lightroom Presets

The Light & Airy photo edit is always a top trend for photographers. The Everyday Preset Collection creates amazing brightness and enhances photos with a light airy tone. This is one of the top collections for all Photographers.

Light & Airy Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Light & Airy Photographer Lightroom Presets

9. True Color Lightroom Presets

The natural photo edit is always a go-to for all photographers. This collection is one of the most popular Presets for interior designers, real estate, jewelry, and product photography. The True Color Preset Collection is bright and keeps colors true to tone. An absolute must-have for keeping colors accurate. 

Colorful Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: True Color Photographer Lightroom Presets

10. Black & White Lightroom Presets

Black & White Presets are amazing to have in your editing arsenal. The Classic Black & White Preset Collection creates creamy skin tones and helps bring emphasis to your subject. Great for evoking mood with your photography. Photographers love this collection for it's simplicity and true black & white tones.

Black & White Lightroom Presets For Photographers

Shop: Black & White Photographer Lightroom Presets

Photography editing trends are always changing and it's important keep your photos authentic and consistent. Having a consistent editing style is what your clients are going to expect when hiring you as a photographer. It is also how a client will decide if they want to choose you to be their photographer. Presets help you build a consistent photography portfolio.

You can browse all these Preset Collections or shop all our photographer presets here: Shop Lightroom Presets

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