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500K+ Happy Customers
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  • 500K+ Happy Customers
  • Instant Download & Access
  • Sale Buy 3 Get 2 Free
  • Secure One-Time Payments

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Choosing The Right Presets

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Questions About Presets?

Presets are powerful filters for photo editing. Presets add adjustments that bring your photos to life and create stunning images. They range from bright and airy, colorful and clean, light and natural, warm and rustic to dark and moody. Presets help you easily edit your photos and achieve professional results.

Lightroom Presets are extremely affordable, help you batch edit, save you time, create professional results, and achieve consistency in your photos. Presets are an amazing tool you should be taking advantage of. Presets are essential to building your style as a content creator or photographer.

Presets are great for all levels of photography and photo editing. You don't need any experience to use Presets. All content creators, bloggers, influencers, photographers, and photo enthusiasts will benefit from using Presets.

You should first consider what style of photos you are taking. If you are taking selfies you will want to use a more natural or soft filter. For weddings, engagements and photo sessions you will either want light and airy, natural and clean, warm and rustic or dark and moody. If you are creating more creative content you might want to explore film presets or dark aesthetic presets. 

I would suggest purchasing a bundle that offers many different Preset styles for a discounted price such as our Starter Preset Bundle. This lets you invest in quality photo presets while finding your style. You can shop the Starter Bundle here: Starter Bundle

Your link to download your Presets will instantly be emailed to you. You will receive both Mobile Lightroom Presets & Desktop Lightroom Presets. They are fully compatible with the Free & Paid Lightroom Apps for iPhone and Android Users. They are also fully compatible with Lightroom Desktop & Photoshop. Your download includes a step-by-step guide to help you install as well as a video tutorial.

After you install your Presets you will locate them in your Presets Panel. For Android & iPhone users you will find your Presets under your Presets icon. For Desktop users you can locate your Presets under the Develop tab in your Presets Panel. You can then apply your Presets to your photos in just one-click.

All our Presets create stunning photo edits in just one-click. If you would like to adjust your presets you can use the opacity slider included in all our Preset Collections. The opacity slider lets you increase or decrease the amount of the Preset being applied to your photo. For more information on the using the opacity slider with our Presets you can read the blog: How To Use The Lightroom Opacity Slider