Moody Bundle

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SALE!! 90% OFF Limited Time Bundle Preset Pack normally $750 on Sale for $75!!

New!! The Moody & Warm Lightroom Preset Bundle Collection for Mobile & Desktop Lightroom and Photoshop ACR. This Preset Bundle includes all my best and top selling Moody and Warm Presets Collections. Perfect for all seasons, indoor and outdoor.

You will be able to choose from all Lou & Marks Signature Moody & Warm Themes

The Moody & Warm Bundle is perfect for anyone who likes Warm, Rich, Moody, Contrasty, Dark, Bohemian, Creamy, Neutral and Beige Toned Presets. All these Preset Collections work amazing for everyday photos.

Created for All skin tones and all settings. See why so many bloggers, photographers, influencers and photography enthusiasts use Lou & Marks Presets.

Create a stunningly curated theme, elevate your brand, edit with style, speed, and consistency. Lou & Marks Presets will help you streamline your workflow, improve your content, and grow your brand. Editing Presets are great for bloggers, influencers, creatives, and all who wish to take their photos, blog, and Instagram feed to the next level. 

All Preset Collections Include Mobile & Desktop

🌟 2022 Video Editing Update: Lou & Marks Presets are now compatible to edit video in Lightroom Mobile Premium!!

Included In The Collection
 400 Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)
✓ 400 Desktop Lightroom Presets (LR)
✓ 400 Lightroom & Photoshop Presets (XMP)
✓ Step-by-step PDF guide with video instructions

43 Preset Collections Included
✓ Avocado Cream (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Bali Babe (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Bohemian (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Caramel Apple (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Christmas Mood (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Cinnamon (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Coconut Tan (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Cream Tones (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Creamy Film (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Creamy Moody (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Dog Blogger (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Golden Goddess (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Golden Honey (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Harvest Time (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Hot Chai (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Hygge Lifestyle (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Indie Tones (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Insta Style (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Joshua Tree (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Los Angeles (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Lovely B&W (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Minimalist (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Moody Film (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Moody Food (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Mulled Wine (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Muted Tones (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ New York (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ October Rust (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Rich Autumn (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Rich Holiday (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Rich & Moody (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Rustic Home (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Southwest (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Summer Mood (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Toasty Home (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Tropical Tan (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Vintage Mood (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Vintage Summer (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Warm Film (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Winter Blues (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Wonderland Warm (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Woodlands (Mobile & Desktop)
✓ Yosemite (Mobile & Desktop)

Common Questions
✓ Works With The Free & Paid Lr iPhone App
✓ Works With The Free & Paid Lr Android App
✓ Works With All Lightroom Desktop Versions 
✓ Works With Photoshop ACR 
✓ Works With Mac & PC
✓ Works With JPG & RAW Formats
✓ Works With Video In Paid Lr App

Skin Tone Promise 
You are you unique and so are our Presets! We created our Presets for everyone. No one specific skin tone or hair color. All our presets are carefully crafted, tested on thousands of photos. When you purchase from Lou & Marks you are not just purchasing presets you also get our guarantee that they will suit your skin tone. If they don’t send me a message with an unedited image and I will personally adjust them for you. 

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