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  • Wonderland Pink Preset Pack

    Wonderland Pink is my absolute favorite Preset Pack I have ever created, hands down! It is my most loved Preset Pack by bloggers and influencers. The brightness and color in Wonderland Pink is just unreal. This Preset Pack is perfect for all seasons and is amazing indoor and outdoor. In one click...
  • Lou And Marks Preset Reviews

    I'm so excited to announce I have a section of my website just for photo reviews. You can view reviews from customers who submitted photos edited with Lou & Marks Presets.  You can view our photo reviews HERE Here are some recent Lou & Marks Preset Reviews:
  • The Best Lightroom Presets For Spring

    The New Spring Lightroom Preset Bundle is now live on the shop! I am so excited for this new bundle!  These Spring themed presets will help enhance green tones, soften colors, brighten your image and create dreamy skin tones. Perfect for outdoor and indoor photo editing in the Free Lightroom App ...
  • The Best Presets For Instagram

    Lou and Marks top Presets for Instagram photo editing from our customer ratings and feedback: 1. Wonderland Pink Presets 2. Everyday Bright Presets 3. Cozy Home Presets 4. Light & Airy Presets 5. Rich & Moody Presets Any of our top presets are a great compliment to all photo styles. It's ...
  • Bright & Airy Presets For Lightroom Mobile

    Create bright and airy photos with Lightroom Presets for the Free Lightroom App. Mobile Presets work for iPhone or Android devices with the Lightroom App.  Lou and Marks Bright & Airy Presets create a soft dreamy feel in your photos. This Presets collection lightens darks photos, brightens up...

    How To Download & Install Mobile Lightroom Presets For Android

    The New Colorful Clean Presets are here just in time for Spring!! If you love bright clean photos with a pop of color these Presets will be your new favorite. This Preset Collection helps reduce indoor lighting color and haze while brightening the overall image. Colorful Clean enhanced colors wit...

    How To Download & Install Mobile Lightroom Presets For iPhone