The Best Presets For Photos At Home

Lou & Marks Top Presets for editing your at home photos.

With everyone spending so much time at home all of 2020 and now most of 2021 it's a good idea to have a handful of Presets dedicated to indoor photo editing.

Indoor photos need help to be brightened, color corrected for indoor lighting, and enhanced to bring out the color tones in your images.

The top Presets I would recommend for at home photos are:

1. Cozy Home

2. Light & Airy

3. Colorful Clean

4. Clean Blogger

5. Bright & Airy

6. Everyday Bright

7. Kodak Portra

8. Bright & Clean

9. Natural Light

10. Bright Tones

You can find all these Preset options located in the Shop Section of my website HERE