Lou & Marks Light & Airy Preset Sample

If you are looking for a new theme in your images it can be hard to decide between all the different themes available for Instagram.

You can view the Sample Instagram Grids in my blog. I go over almost every Preset available with a sample grid to give you a visual of how the Preset looks applied to an entire theme of photos.Β OR you can submit a few photos to me with a list of the Presets you are interested in and I can show you the samples on your Photos. Send me an email and I will be happy to help: Louandmarks@gmail.com

The Light & Airy Preset Pack is soft with dreamy light tones. It helps brighten up shadows and soften highlights for a creamy white feel. This Preset collections is perfect for indoor and outdoor images. You will achieve a light airy lifestyle feel without over editing or harsh color tones.

This Preset Collection also doesn't alter colors or skin tones too much so it can also be used in flat lay, product photography and clothing shots to accurately represent the colors of your products.

Instagram gridΒ with Light & Airy:

Shop the Light & Airy Here:


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